Sinfully smooth. Liquid GOLD.

Many a rum smuggler chased the horizon trying to get their hands on a barrel of Lucky Devil – a libation so enchanted it was said to bestow all those who drink it with impossibly good fortune. While under its spell, there would be no card game, no duel, no adventure nor lover’s heart that could not be won. With the devil on your side, you could make your own luck.

Blended with rich local spices to be sinfully smooth, Lucky Devil is liquid gold – shimmering  treasure trapped in a bottle. Served up however you like it, Lucky Devil is perfect on its own or in an exotic mix – from new creations to old favourites. Any classic rum cocktail finds itself instantly more wicked when it dances with the devil.

So charge your glass with a splash of Lucky Devil, drink to those you love, and step forward into your next adventure with a smile on your face. Your luck’s about change.

The possibilities are endless, with Luck on your side.

Your Luck is about to change.

The sailors believed Lucky Devil was a blessing from the volcano goddess Pele – a gift for her true love, who scaled the fiery slopes of Auahi Mou’a to spend eternity in her arms. Since then, Lucky Devil has survived the ages to become a celebration of good fortune, and a toast to lovers everywhere.

Signs of the Devil.

Keep a look out for signs of the Devil near you! And remember, if the Devil appears, it’s a sure sign that the Gold Spiced goodness of Lucky Devil Rum is within reach.

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